Telecom Billing OSS System

telecom billing oss systemNever let down a customer who responses his faith in you

Telecom is one of those few areas where the expectations of customers are sky-high both in terms of quality as well as availability. While customers eagerly look forward to the latest applications, they also expect immense flexibility in terms of billing and customer service. As a provider of communication services. one needs to innovate not only in terms of technology but also customer support. This is the reason a subscriber expects his service provider to be accurate and exact especially when it comes to billing. Likewise, a telecom company cannot afford to neglect a critical aspect like billing that has a straight impact on revenue. Even a trivial error is capable of exercising its influence on the balance sheet in the form of bad debt, fraud or revenue leak. These factors raise the demand for efficient telecom billing oss system which are capable of revolutionizing the business.

We offer compact billing solutions that condense the vastness of telecom services and allow you to scale operations across the boundaries of service segments and nations.

Vcall Global understands that the sky is the limit to the potentials of a telecom enterprise. This means that the customer base of a company is not confined to a specific nation or business segment. You may be offering the services that are the same as the ones offered by your counterparts, but the requirements of your business differ. It is our endeavor to provide a comprehensive OSS and billing service range that supports your requirements seamlessly. The capabilities of the telecom billing OSS system are not restricted to making calculations, but incorporate all the aspects of a billing cycle.

Our service excellence comes out in the form of

  • Efficient service platform that supports varied billing requirements for services such as voice, data, and content on fixed, mobile, cable and IP networks.
  • Real-time integration of billing solutions to your organizational needs.
  • Consistent monitoring of billing cycles.
  • Track record of billing history for future reference.
  • Effective revenue assessment.
  • Customized support for your unique business model.
  • User-friendly service portal with immediate access to billing information.