CISCO based contact centerThe agility and continuity of a business completely depend on its infrastructure that is always technology-driven

No matter what, we cannot deny that the efficiency of a business is decided by its infrastructure. This simply implies that incompetent customer service is a derivative of an inadequate infrastructure. In today’s scenario, the infrastructural capability of an enterprise is propelled by its technological capabilities. Without a doubt, a robust infrastructure functions as the backbone of your business and helps you meet the expectations of your customers.

At Vcall Global, we power our delivery centers with advanced technology and a CISCO based infrastructure network. The implementation of Cisco technology at all the delivery centers enables effective call routing. Moreover, there is always an option of rerouting a call through an alternative IP network if fluctuation takes place. Cisco technology takes care of the information flow at our enterprise by focusing on communication, connectivity and security. You should not be surprised to know that we have handled complex business requirements with our infrastructural competencies.

The distinguished features of our Cisco network include:

  • Cisco Unity Voice Mail
  • Cisco Predictive, Outbound, Preview, 24/7 Dialer
  • Cisco call manager as PBX
  • In-call and out-call across 30 nations.
  • End-to-end Cisco based IP network
Likewise, our security infrastructure possesses unique capabilities that incorporate:
  • Domain level security implementation
  • Access restriction
  • Firewall implementation and Cisco ASA
  • Round-the-clock security