Culture and Activities

call center companyIn a fast-paced corporate world where work becomes a priority and personal lives take a backseat, cooperation and team spirit are the things that render peacefulness to the overall environment of an enterprise. When it comes to a contact center where changes are as quick as a flash, the work culture needs to be congenial, calm and understanding. The environment at Vcall Global is full of activities of all sorts, but still, there is an aura of peace and tranquility in the surroundings.

Uniformity of work

We maintain an environment where levels of hierarchy do not hamper the workflow and all the employees are able to enjoy their work without taking any additional burden. Every employee understands his task and carries out his work with confidence. The confidence of our employees enhances their performance.


We encourage our teams to strike a balance between their professional and personal goals. Call it team spirit or streamlining operations, our management personnel ensure that the quantity of work is spread evenly across the various levels. In addition, the management team is more than eager to extend a helping hand to their subordinates through their guidance.


The culture of our enterprise is that of cooperation and equality. No employee is discriminated or favored against the other. We work and stay together in the form of a closely-knit family. This adds to the happiness and satisfaction of our employees whose job satisfaction is all that matters at the end of the day.