call center agents training programEvery organization expects superior performance of its employees. However, it is very difficult to master the art of extracting the best from a given set of resources. This is the reason learning pervades every aspect of employee training. One cannot deny that organizations need to develop a systematic and efficient training program to optimize the performance of its personnel. Not only would this help employees acquaint themselves with the things that form an important part of their everyday work, but would also add to the overall productivity of the enterprise.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand” Albert Einstein

At Vcall Global, we understand that it is human nature to resist change. Consequently, not every employee may be interested in learning something new. However, no one would resist learning if it becomes a part of his job. This is the strategy we adopt for employee learning.

Information repository

We assign a dedicated team of resources to every client that collaborates with us. Simultaneously, a Web-enabled information repository is also built for the client. The repository incorporates detailed information associated the policies, brands and products of that client. The platform allows our resources to access information quickly. Subsequently, they do not need to wait for the direction of a superior and can go ahead on their own. This allows them to provide instant solutions to the problems of customers and thus adds to their satisfaction. In addition, the database is regularly updated by the training team to keep the employees abreast with the changes that need to be introduced in the process.

Enhancement of soft skills

We make consistent efforts to help our employees imbibe the professional values that instill in them a desire to learn and thirst for more knowledge. Our competent training team motivates our resources to put their best foot forward and move ahead. Since the task of customer service remains incomplete in the absence of effective communication, our training process emphasizes on the development of communication skills of our resources. We also encourage on-the-job learning and assess the skills of our employees on a regular basis. The employees are also given a feedback according to their performance. This helps them improve the areas they lack.

Client participation

We value the inputs that we receive from our clients. We work together with our clients to prepare training modules for every new project. Simultaneously, we also appreciate the valuable suggestions we receive from our clients for the enhancement of our training process.