Call Center FAQ

I. What is call center outsourcing services?
Call center outsourcing services are BPO-related services that may include inbound, outbound and other related services. Some of the popular call center outsourcing services are listed below:

  1. Direct response services
  2. Appointment setting services
  3. Order management services
  4. Customer care and help desk support
  5. Multi-language communication support
  6. Catalog and order entry services
  7. Credit card processing services

II. What are the advantages of working with Vcallglobal?
When you work with Vcallglobal, you get access to a well-drilled workforce with years of experience in the industry. With its headquarters located in the US, Vcallglobal specializes in providing global call center outsourcing services. Some of the advantages of associating with Vcallglobal are:

  1. Versatile and experienced management team
  2. Knowledge of multiple domains
  3. Compliance with global standards
  4. Quality assurance
  5. A robust Cisco network
  6. Consistently meets turnaround times for completion of tasks