Client’s Case Study – Telecom Billing & OSS Solutions

Our Client’s Profile

The client we are referring to here is a leader in the telecom business and offers a range of communication-based services. He offers services not only to the small and medium-sized businesses but many government departments too.

Our Client’s Needs

Though a known name, the client was still using an unreliable and low-performance telecom billing system to calculate and later produce bills for customers. This was giving inaccurate results and high operational costs. The system was also lacking in multi-currency recognition and adaptability to different billing cycles. The software was not able to keep up with the high frequency of billing cycles. The client approached us for software that would help him overcome such shortcomings.

The Solution We Produced

After an initial discussion with the client, we realized that a custom telecom billing and OSS solution would fit ideally for the customer’s needs and budget. We used time tested methodologies along with modern practices and tools. We defined the process and got to work. Our software was able to:

  • Process transactions and billing data for multiple currencies
  • Flexible enough to manage all the rate plans, products, and services
  • Supported bill generation, billing inquiries, account administration, tax and fee information maintenance along with other financial information
  • Invoices could be raised in multiple languages through multi-lingual support
  • Inbuilt module for performance reporting, report creation, and other regulatory reports
  • Scope for data audits
What Client’s Gain?
  • We were able to provide a scalable solution for the future.
  • We made sure that the data migration from the legacy system was smooth.
  • As the migration was quick, so the client’s business was not hampered.
  • We guaranteed the accuracy of data and calculations.
  • The client reported a 95% improvement in billing data accuracy.
  • He further claimed that the customer complaints were cut by more than 75%.

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