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Reduce the Company Growth Pains with Telecom Billing OSS System

Revenue models have gone from simple to complex. Service providing eco system used to be much simpler than it is presently. It was based on the one-to-many model. A service provider offered services to the customers and billed them as par the mobile, data or cable usage, or a combination of all three. But this simple model has been wiped out and it has been replaced by a complex model. Today, the model in trends is the many-to-many model. The popularity of this model can be attributed to growth in apps, content, cloud, video, m-commerce, e-commerce, etc. The telecom service providers need to manage a complex web of partnerships and relationships. Royalty amounts have to be divided among the members who are actively participating in the relationship. There are a huge range of parameters that go into the revenue sharing such as services provided, partnership status and the bandwidth used. There are too many things to take care of. In such times a smart revenue sharing model in the form of telecom billing OSS system can really make a world of difference.

How new sharing models can benefit?billing oss system

The communication industry leaders, whether they are into content or partnership schemes, face the same set of challenges. They have to support the innovative services and improve its integration into the partnership ecosystem. This complete circle when attained makes a company successful digital service provider. Revenue generation from the legacy services is on the wane and new business models are the need of the hour to support the technologically advanced and higher growth areas. Emerging in new service areas not only means new investments but competing with new rivals too. As the service providers seek to embrace this new business model and partnership relations they are often caught up in the web of complexities. With new unexplored areas come needs of fresh revenue sharing models.

Meeting the Demands of Digital Era

In this digital era, the stakes for the telecom companies is very high. They have to offer great deals, innovative services, and flexible pricing models to the end users. Not only this, they have to please the partners with flexible and dynamic contracts. When both these facets are addressed the companies can keep pace with the fast moving digital services sector. Whether it is billing for traditional telephonic services, mobile data, video and content service or mobile money, each of the service providers has its own philosophies and particular way of carrying out the tasks. The systems used by the telecom service providers should be agile enough to grasp the new marketing plans and compatible with the new services that are launched keeping in mind the end users. Apart from this there should be sections for partners and their details. There should be spaces for end user history too. As you can see there is a lot expected from the modern day telecom billing OSS system. The list of services and their needs from a system can be summarized in the following way:

  • System should have options for policy control and effective charging which would aid the companies in managing and monetizing for their content or other digital services by creating revenue sharing models that auger well for both the end users and partners.
  • Both the telecom companies and their partners need the ability to promote the branded telecom services through the real time promotions and through various special pricing plans, loyalty programs and other attractions.
  • When the bills are paid by end users, the case is not closed. There is a complex equation that has to be calculated to give the multiple partners their due through a revenue sharing model.
  • Mobile Money is a growing trend and the operators offering this service need to have a particular set of tools to support the banking processes or payments. These tools should be available in real time or at any other time. Some of the features that the tools should support include money transfers, direct carrier billing, mobile payments and mobile financial services.
  • Mobile to Mobile services have been in the market for a certain while, but the competition has intensified over the years. The modern needs for telecom companies are a bit different. They need to offer new deals, special pricing models and services that will not only attract customers but also keep the partners interested.

Just like all the other business sectors, the basics of telecom business are same. Companies need to think of new concepts and services and reach out to the customers at the earliest instance. When the services are launched quickly they can be a great revenue generating medium. The service model of the telecom sector has become complex by the existence of partners. The companies not only have to care for the end users but their partners too. To manage all such duties the need of the hour is a robust and agile telecom billing OSS system.

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