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Minimize Cost Maximize Productivity with Order Taking Answering Services

Any type of business growth puts pressure on the customer service department and requires an addition of new resources to meet the growing requirements. In such a situation, business owners either add new resources or burden the existing workforce. Both situations are not ideal, especially in these times of competition.

In-House Inbound Call Center Services Scaling Is Bad for Business

Whether you are running order taking answering services or any inbound call center services in-house, scaling can be quite tricky for your business. Below are some reasons why:

  1. Expanding inbound call center services by adding new resources

It is logical for a company to hire new resources to meet the emerging requirements, however, such an initiative has its own fair share of challenges. First of all, it puts your HR department under huge pressure. Secondly, you also have to train the new resources and make them capable of handling your process. The cost and efforts that you put into expanding your inbound call center services can have a detrimental impact on your core process. You might lose focus from your main tasks, which may affect the growth of your business adversely.

  • Assigning more work to an existing workforce

If you think that your existing experienced workforce can handle an increased workload without batting an eyelid, then you are wrong. No matter how experienced the employees are, they would eventually drop the standard of quality when pressed to the limit. Also, in worst case scenarios, it is also possible that your best employees might leave you because of the increased pressure of work.

Outsource Order Taking Answering Services for Ultimate Success

Considering all the challenges of an in-house order taking call center department, outsourcing provides a better option. Some of the positives of running an in-house service are listed below:

  1. Immense scalability – One of the biggest positives of outsourcing order taking answering services is that you get to scale your call-answering team exactly as per you requirements. Without hiring or firing executives from the company payroll, outsourcing allows you to increase or decrease the manpower in a hassle-free manner.
  2. Access to relevant software – The efficiency of an order taking department can be enhanced considerably by integrating a quality software solution in the workflow. CRM and call center software, which are tailor-made for this process can decrease the load on the agents handling customers and provide them relevant customer data in a matter of seconds. Also, there are different functionalities like tracking of the order and timely updates/notifications that are embedded in the software solution for enhancing the quality of the whole operation.
  3. Lowering of capital expense – When you want to run an additional department for inbound call center services, you have to make huge capital investments in real-estate and resources. The cost of these resources overburdens your finances, which can have a detrimental impact on your core business process.


Order taking answering services have become indispensable for ecommerce businesses these days. However, running an in-house department for communicating these services can be financially taxing for a company. A better alternative is to outsource the business to a competent vendor like Vcallglobal that has all the resources that you would ever need. Outsourcing your business allows you minimize cost and maximize productivity, and provides immense business gains.

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