Pros and cons of call center outsourcing

The Pressing Need to Understand Pros and Cons of Call Center Outsourcing

Call centers are the staple of business operations, especially the ones that deal directly with customers. Not only they help in solving end users’ problems, they are also responsible for shaping the image of a company. It is imperative that a call center is treated on par with the core operations, in order to derive desirable results for a business. But, presiding over an in-house operation that always maintains high standards and deliver quality work is not as easy as it seems. Hence, outsourcing is an option that you should consider. In case, you are worried about offloading work to a third-party, you should weigh down the pros and cons of call center outsourcing.

Pros and Cons of Call Center Outsourcing

Pros of Call Center Outsourcing

  • Access to a call center partner with desirable skills in the field
  • Sharing of burden with an outsourcing partner allows you to focus more on your core process
  • Best software available to your call-handling agents without any major capital investment
  • Access to managers and TLs who have delivered successfully for other projects
  • Variety of inbound and outbound processes along with back office support services  to choose from

Cons of Call center Outsourcing

  • Handover of vital customer information to an external organization
  • Lack of control over agents delivering customer service
  • Frequent need to visit the premises of the call center vendor

Overcome the Cons of Call Center Outsourcing with Right Vendor Selection

Although there are certain cons of call center outsourcing, they can be eliminated completely with the right selection of vendor. Have a look at some tips that can turn an outsourcing venture into complete success:

Choose a vendor that has a reputation to protect

The reputation of a vendor is important not only because it ensures quality of operation, it is also significant because it serves as an insurance policy against data breaches. An eminent vendor takes extra care of the data shared by its clients as it has a reputation to protect. Hence, the chance of data loss/theft is almost eliminated.

Select a vendor that offers currency exchange rate advantage

You can hit a jackpot with your call center outsourcing if you can find a quality vendor that operates in a country with an inferior currency than yours. Even the best call centers and back office support services providers in countries like India and China offer considerable cost benefits, especially for companies in the developed world like the USA and UK.

Hire a liaison manager to oversee outsourced operations

A liaison manager can be easily the difference maker between a good and bad outsourcing decision. An intelligent liaison manager can help you enforce your policies in a better way. Also, having your man in the outsourced company eliminates the need to visit far flung places. Therefore, you save a lot on airfare and at the same time improve your presence in the outsourced company.


Just like any business decision, there are always certain pros and cons of call center outsourcing. But, it is possible to eliminate the cons by making the right vendor selection and hiring a liaison manager.

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