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Manage Call Volume and Enhance Experience with IVR Development Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has come a long way in its evolution. In the beginning, it was just a means to an end. As there are multiple departments dedicated to different functions, the job of erstwhile IVR systems was to convey basic information to customers and guide them to the correct department. Turn to 2021 and the functions of IVR systems have changed. IVR has become the mainstay of a call center process. Nowadays, IVR is a major business tool on par with our primary business systems such as CRM. Therefore, if you are stuck with rudimentary IVR software, it is time to use cutting-edge IVR development services.

What a Modern-Day IVR System can Offer?

IVR provides the simplest way to cut down on the call volume without compromising on the customer experience. On the contrary, it can enhance the customer experience at every step. Some major important functions of 2021 IVR services are:

Tier-wise segregation of departments with customer convenience in mind

New-age IVR systems allow you to customize the call routing plan exactly as you want. You can create multiple hierarchies with different level of support. It is possible to branch out different tiers of support without worrying about complexity. The best BPO outsourcing companies in USA utilize IVR services, which ensure that customers never feel lost or shortchanged while moving through the option tree in IVR.

Enhanced voice-recognition

No longer a customer has to mandatorily input the numbers and letters using the keypad on his phone. A voice command can be interpreted with higher sensitivity and accuracy with top-notch IVR services.

Secure information gathering

IVR allows companies to bypass agents completely when it comes to taking sensitive account information. Nowadays, security has become more important than ever. If the information is received by the agents directly, you run a slight risk of that information getting compromised. But with an IVR that allows for information gathering, you are able to eliminate this risk. Whether it is the beginning of the call, the middle or the end, customer care reps can transfer the call to a specific number for information collection.

Easy to record every call

Nowadays, IVR solutions come with complete call recording functionality. So, if you later have any disagreement with a customer or call center rep, you have the option to clarify any doubt by playing that specific call recording from the archive.

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