Interactive Voice Response

How can Interactive Voice Response enhance the growth of your business?

Organizations are increasingly aligned towards the system of voice response as it helps to reduce the sales cost, inquiry and support calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that enables automatic interactions with the callers. The system allows the users to recover their information such as the flight schedules, movie show times; product details, order status, account balance and many similar details can be retrieved. In addition to this the system is used in greater extent for outbound calls. The outbound calls are used to either convey or gather information that is related to client’s bills, appointments, upcoming crucial events and activities.Interactive Voice Response

This system is one of the most acknowledged forms of telephonic functions used across various business sectors which have brought remarkable benefits to the company. The system allows 24 hour access to the customers via its phone system. These days’ customers have great many expectations and most of them are primary expectations for an example resolving the current issue that the customers might have with their products and then they would like to directly get in contact with the company which can either be handled by an auto attendant or the IVR system. This method of handling call through the phone system is widely accepted and callers are given the freedom to opt out of the automated voice and speak to a live representative.

The system is one of the most cost effective ways to handle the customer calls which is available throughout 24X7. Handling the routine phone requests consumes substantial amount of resources and eventually money. The system is generally tailor made according to requirements of the company which can provide the same information as a live operator at a fraction of the cost.

Transcending several domains

Interactive Voice Response is now a part of several domains in the industry for an example the healthcare, education, banking, real estate, government and many others. The system is also very effective in handling the resource cost involved in telemarketing. For an example earlier times when the customer used to call the representative manually and then the call took an approximate five minutes and then the grueling process of handling 100 clients a day which was impossible for the resource to complete the criteria.  With the introduction of this magnificent system the data of the clients can now be filtered using the pre-recorded system which could be disseminated to thousands at the same time. Thus the relevant information is distributed to thousands of customers while the advantages associated with the system can easily be drawn.  The system does not restrain the call centers into any domain, as the menu can be customized on sub levels too which carries a huge potential for integration for all types of organizations.

The system allows the customers to interact with the company’s host through the keypads or speech recognition, after which they can solve their own inquiries by following the recorded dialogue.  The voice in the system is prerecorded which can direct the user on the ways to proceed.   The system deployed in your network can handle large volume of calls at one go.

One of the other important aspects is that it is easy to use. The direction are most of the times clear and information are segregated which is most of the times concise and accurate. For an example if the button number 1 option is for bank account then everything that follows under the category is related to bank account services and not any other concerns.

IVR has transcended various domains including the list mentioned below:

  1. Banking service for funds transfer
  2. Automated account payment
  3. Customer account information
  4. Emergency notifications
  5. Order status and tracking
  6. Package tracking
  7. Customer market surveys
  8. Virtual receptionists
  9. Voice instant messaging
  10. Voicemail services
  11. Voice instant messaging
  12. Bill reminder & collection
  13. Telesales
  14. Virtual agents
  15. Call recording solutions

Advantages for the business after incorporation of the system

  1. Efficiency in operation: With the incorporation of the system it is easier to handle large volume of calls. The caller will not receive a busy signal instead the system will answer the call and will assist the customer with the basics while he is waiting for the service representative.
  2. End to irregular working hours: Employees need not take the unnecessary stress of working irregular hours. This automated voice system can assist the customers with a few basic queries. For an example, the client receives the wrong product and it’s late at night to vent out his frustration, the system can then record and save the message on behalf of the client and the representatives can call him back first thing in the morning.
  3. Reduced operating costs: Having access to the system will help you reduce the cost that is required to give the personnel’s and the system is not expensive either.
  4. Survey – After the clients have done huge purchases and the representative follows up with the customer after 24 hours for thanking him/her for using the services. At times the customers are asked to fill out a survey; the client is more likely to respond if he or she hasn’t had a good experience. The system is programmed to channel their calls to the representative. These surveys are beneficial for companies as they help in market research.
  5. Less hassles for the representatives: The system can handle mundane queries saving the employees from dealing with the monotony questions which most of the time leads to frustrations. The system is customized to allow the customers to have access to their balance, purchased and ordered products, confirm the delivery time etc.

Inclusions of that one technology that can help the business enhance their productivity in so many ways; it is always wise for a company to opt for those services, as it will bring along contentment in the work culture.

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