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Outsource Chat Support Services & Email Support to Overcome Volume Problem

Large call volume is always a problem and a challenge for evolving companies. Especially in today’s time when there are restrictions imposed by Covid-19 pandemic, it can be very hard to meet customers’ demand. Phone support is the most popular support medium; but it simply cannot keep up with the ever-increasing call volumes. Most people are ordering from home. Consequently, the pressure on ecommerce portals and supply lines is increasing. There are bound to be errors and mistakes. To overcome them and keep customers in the loop of what’s going on, it is essential that you have a dedicated support platform. If you are struggling with your call volume, it is high time that you email chat outsourcing support to keep up with the volume of support requests.

Email or Chat Outsourcing Support: Which One is Better?

Email support services are not real-time whereas chat support provides the fastest access to support and can be real-time. Live chat support services are very popular amongst the young buyers as they reduce the wait time considerably. Both email outsourcing chat support services allow for attachments in the form of images, videos, text-files etc. Chat support sessions can seamlessly transform into remote desktop sharing sessions, which can be needed if customer is unable to order using his laptop or has a technical issue with his computer.

Overall, chat support services can be declared as the winner in current scenario. However, email support is still preferred by many people, especially those who like to express themselves clearly. Also, email support is a more professional way to communicate sensitive and high-value information regarding complaints, RMAs etc. 

Nowadays, you can outsource email support and outsource live chat support services to a common vendor. Omnichannel contact center services provided by top call center outsourcing companies are the most appropriate for today’s customer care requirements.

Outsource to Vcall Global for a Rewarding Customer Experience

Vcall Global is the hub of contact center services that not only excel in email and chat support but also social media support. We leverage the latest technologies to synchronize the support experience, and ensure that information relayed through multiple channels is available to the agents irrespective of the medium used by customers to contact support. We use a top-of-the-line email response management and AI-powered live chat platform to ensure a rewarding experience for our clients and their customers. All our services are performed diligently and in a secure manner, keeping customers’ information safe and secure. Our services are completely scalable and can handle large call, chat or email volume with ease.

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