Right MIX of Voice, Chat and Email Support Outsourcing for Business Success

Operating a business in today’s world is filled with many challenges. The burden of regulatory compliances, the fight of competition and an ever-changing technology can wear down even the best of entrepreneurs. Add to that, the task of keeping customers satisfied and the whole situation begins to appear even worse.  But this is the one function that comes with the flexibility of outsourcing. Yes, call center, chat and email support outsourcing can be a worthwhile decision, which not only fulfils this additional requirement of managing customers but also has a positive impact on the core operations.

Voice, Chat and Email: The Fundamental Modes of Support

Voice, chat and email are the three main modes of providing support to the customers. All three modes address specific needs of customers and help improve the image of a brand. Voice support is the most popular and widely used. However, many companies make the mistake of ignoring chat and email and end up losing many of their customers to the competing brands.

The right mix of voice, chat and email lays down a strong base for your core business operations. They fulfil different niches in the following ways:

  1. Voice support is the mostly used and the first contact point for a customer. When you think of call center outsourcing, it should be the first thing on your mind. A voice support department depends greatly on the agents and the software tools that they utilize. CRM, IVR, ACD and networking infrastructure are essential ingredients for a successful call center department.
  2. Chat support is extremely popular amongst millennials. It is a faster way to reach out to support. As most chat agents can handle multiple chat sessions concurrently, the work completion is faster. Hence, the queues are shorter or non-existent. Also, Live Chat can be integrated on the browser for quick and easy access by agents.
  3. Email support is a laid-back mode of support. The response time is higher but it is more comfortable for agents. It also gives ample room to customers to express themselves clearly. So, in complicated cases, email support provides a much better alternative. Also, email support places greater control over customer services in the hands of the companies. Canned responses can be conceptualized or regulated by organizations, which can then be used by email support outsourcing companies agents in relevant situations.

Although voice support is the most wide-spread mode of correspondence between customers and companies, chat and email have their very own place in the overall scheme of things. These web-based support channels provide customers the functionality to send attachments like invoices, product images, proof of purchases etc.

The Benefits of Single-Point Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing different tasks to different vendors can cause major headaches for a business. A better option is to use the services of a versatile call center outsourcing vendor who can deliver all the services. A one-stop-shop outsourcing vendor like Vcallglobal can provide major advantages:

  1. Access to all the skills and software
  2. Long-term association guaranteed as high-stake outsourcing ventures last for longer than isolated ventures
  3. No need to travel to different locations
  4. Consolidated billing for all outsourcing services
  5. A liaison manager can be placed in the outsourcing vendor’s premises for better management of outsourcing endeavors

At Vcare, we have the experience of accomplishing various call center projects from companies plying their trade in different niches. Our email support outsourcing companies department is run via a cutting-edge email response management software. We employ the power of analytics in our chat/email/voice support and have a cisco-powered call center infrastructure that enables a robust call center network.

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