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Email Response Management: A Cost-Effective Way to Improve Business

Every company tries to improve its operations in one way or another. The objective of every business is to find new ways to expand operations by finding new customers. And, maintain or reduce costs, if it is somehow possible. There are different tactics employed by organizations to achieve their targets. Amongst the many tactics, call center outsourcing services are frequently utilized by companies to lower the cost and enhance the quality of support provided to customers. And, it is best to combine them with email response management for sustained business improvement.

The Reasons Why Email Support Work

Emails are the preferred mode of communication for many users. Not everyone is willing to make a contact via phone because:

  • Long queues and repeated IVR recordings can be boring, tedious and time consuming
  • Difficult to elaborate technical issues on voice support

And, companies also need email support because:

  • Better alternative for communicating information in case of high-stake situations like RMA, customer complaints etc.
  • Reduces the extra pressure on voice-based call center services

How Email Response Management Can Be the Difference Maker?

Sending emails manually can be a painstaking process. It is impossible to bring in a high level of governance without a stipulated email response management system. Have a look at some advantages of such a system and how it can be the difference maker:

Auto responder for ensuring response to each and every customer

One thing that customers do not like more than anything is no response to their query at all. An email response management system comes with auto responder capabilities that immediately send the response to customers’ queries. A default response like “we have received your request and we will get back to you”, works a lot better than no response at all.

Easy to identify trends and address different scenarios

An email response management system becomes the entry point for all customer contacts. So, when you implement a response management system with in-built analytics and reporting, you are able to make sense of all the data coming in. An AI-enabled system can help you formulate new business strategies and implement them for business gains. You can also understand various customer trends, their behavior patterns and discover relevant customer data through reporting.

Canned responses for faster query resolution

In every process, there are certain customer queries that are repeated over time. An email response management system allows you to store various canned responses that can be used by agents for quick query resolution. It allows you to reduce the queued queries and improve the overall process.

Easy to brand your product/service

A cutting-edge email response management system provides you the ability to brand emails. You can easily insert your tagline, logo, address and phone number into the emails.

Convenient to send a quote

You can create a ‘ask for a quote’ page on your website and ask customers to fill in their requirements. The email response management system can be integrated with the webpage in such a way that it shoots emails in response to the customer information. So, you are able to potentially turn every customer visit on your website into a sale.

At Vcare, we offer call center outsourcing services that cover various niches. We also provide you cutting-edge chat support and email support services that come with a well-equipped email response management system.

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