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Combine Call Center Outsourcing with Back Office Support for Max Benefit

There is no denying the fact that outsourcing is an integral part of modern-day business operations. In order to succeed today, one has to bring down the capital expenditure (capex) and increase revenue at the same time. While improvement in revenue depends a lot on how your core product/service is faring, you can decrease the capex by outsourcing. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you can combine call center outsourcing with back office support for maximum gains.

Remove Silos by Selecting a Versatile Vendor

One of the biggest problems that hinder outsourcing ventures is the silos it creates. Due to the dependency of one department over another, work is hampered whenever there is a delay in an intermediary task. For example, if order processing in an ecommerce platform is not done appropriately by back office support services (and documentation of the case is non-existent), it can make the task of call center agents difficult. And, if the department is not in-house or run by a different vendor, then it would be almost impossible for agents to find the cause of the error (at least in real-time). Such an incident can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The above-mentioned situation and many like it can be fixed quite easily by outsourcing both call enter and back office to the same vendor. Below are some benefits of such a venture:

Complete liability of the vendor

When you use call center outsourcing and back office support services from the same vendor, you are no longer liable for any mistake. Lack of coordination will no longer be the cause of concern for you.

You do not have to play the judge

In case something goes wrong, you won’t have to play the judge and figure out who is at fault. This will save a lot of time and also reduce stress. It will also lead to improved focus on core operations.

Less red tape

Filling up forms, jotting down SLAs and writing down contracts can be mind-numbing. With a single vendor for both call center and back office, your paper work will be reduced considerably.

Improved cost savings

Outsourcing several in-house operations will instantly help you cut down on major capital investments.

Important Attributes to Look for in an Outsourcing Vendor

If you want to settle on one vendor for the majority of your outsourcing tasks, you need to be very precise in your selection. A below-par outsourcing company can be hugely damaging to your business prospects. So, follow the tips mentioned below for achieving maximum success:

Look for complete scalability

Scalability to meet up to any requirement is a major requirement for outsourcing multiple ventures. Your partner should have ample resources at its disposal to increase the scale of back office or call center operation exactly as per your need.

Outsource to a vendor who has a reputation to save Outsourcing multiple in-house operations require you to offload a lot of customer-critical data to the vendor. If you partner with someone who has a reputation to save, then you will know that it will do everything in its power to safeguard the data. On the other hand, a new company might take it easy as it has nothing to lose if the data is compromised.

Hire a liaison manager

As you will be outsourcing work from many departments, it makes sense to have you own man in the office premise of the vendor. A liaison manager that is well-versed with your operations can serve as your eyes and ears. He will see to it that the work is done exactly as per the standards you have set.

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