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The 5-Step Ultimate Guide to Select the Perfect Call Center Outsourcing Company

It is hard for a business these days to survive without a call center. But, a call center in the modern times is more than just a survival tactic. It is the main customer-facing department and the only contact point for customers. Hence, it is more or less responsible for shaping the image of your brand. To ensure that your call center helps you win the heart of customers, it is important that you give it the focus it deserves. In case, you are already encumbered with your core operations, you should outsource the work to a call center outsourcing company.

The Ultimate Guide

Call center outsourcing is quite a common phenomenon amongst modern-day businesses. Not only it helps in controlling cost, it also helps you acquire elusive resources. But, it is imperative that you find the right call center outsourcing company for your particular business. Have a look at some crucial tips:

Don’t just look for big names, find someone who has expertise in your domain

Call center work is not always the same. Some companies outsource for tech support, others do it for telemarketing and many are on the lookout for back office support services. The skills that are needed for performing these tasks are distinct in nature. So, it is essential that you understand the strength of a company before outsourcing your work to them. Scour the Internet for organic reviews. Go through the case studies of prospective call center outsourcing company. Look for references from people that you can trust. Match the skillset of a future partner with your existing requirements and analyze if they have the credentials to achieve the goals you have set.

Analyze the quality of their call center software

In this age of technology, software plays a pivotal role in the success of any operation. In a call center, you need many different software solutions for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tools are an integral part of a call center process and you should always be very concerned about their quality before outsourcing your work. Check online reviews of the software solutions that your future vendor will be using before handing over your work..

Focus on the quality of real-estate and facilities provided to the employees

Voice-based call center operations are real-time in nature. The way agents treat customers on calls decides the overall customer experience. But, if an agent is in a bad mood, then he won’t be able to keep customers happy. So, it is imperative that the call center outsourcing partner has comfortable seating space for the agents along with basic facilities like transportation, meals and high-quality sanitation.

Look for scalability

The volume of calls in a center operation can increase at any time. For example, an eCommerce company selling gifts online can encounter a mad rush during the Christmas season. Therefore, you need a completely scalable call center outsourcing company as your partner that can assign more agents to your process at any time.

Exploit currency value difference

Outsourcing provides you the additional advantage of offloading work to an offshore company. As currency value is not the same across the globe, you have the opportunity to outsource work to a country like India or China. In these countries, the value of currency is considerably lower than the developed western world. Also, countries like India are recognized for the quality of their call center expertise. For a company in the US, it is possible to lower the expenditure on call center by up to 2-3 times, without any compromise in quality.

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