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Outsource Email Support Services to Gain an Instant Edge over Competition

Call centers have become a part and parcel of business operations. It is hard to see a business doing well without a high-quality call center. Almost every company runs a call center these days. No wonder, we are seeing a rise in outsourcing of call center services. But, one thing that many companies ignore is email and chat support services. And, this could be a bad decision, especially when we have a myriad of call centers performing this task. When you outsource email support services, your business get an instant lift.

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Email Support Services

Email support is one of the most unappreciated outsourced back office support services. It has the potential to bring in new customers and provide you an alternate medium to communicate with the customers. Have a look at 5 significant reasons why you should outsource email support services:

Preferred channel for detailed and critical communication

Inbound call centers are common place because they are the most convenient for customers. Have a problem: pick up the phone – dial toll free number – issue resolved. While this is true in most situations, it is not always the case. There are scenarios, in which, a customer wants to present his grievance or query in great detail. And, voice-based communication does not always serve the purpose in such cases. For an RMA, a customer might want to explain his query by sending a picture of the faulty product. And, this is only possible if you have a fully-functional email support department.

Availability of cutting-edge email response management software

Email response management software is a vital part of email support services. When used by experienced agents, it can streamline your email support. Agents get timely notifications about query status, which allows them to reach customers whenever there is a need. At Vcallglobal, we provide you an automated email response management system that enhances the quality of your operations.

Time-tested strategies

Just like any other call center process, email support has its own challenges. To ensure that every difficult situation is addressed, you need managers with relevant experience. At Vcallglobal, we have managers who can solve common problems that are associated with an email support process.

Relevant canned responses

There are several common issues that are repeated many times in an email process. It is not possible to frame a unique response for every single issue. Therefore, you require canned responses that are concise and to-the-point. Vcare can help you prepare the most appropriate canned responses to address a variety of situations. Not only it reduces the number of tickets, it also brings a new efficiency into the overall process.    

Complete scalability

The number of emails that your companies received may increase at any time. When you run a promotional campaign or start offering discounts, the flood of emails can become overwhelming. However, when you outsource email support services to Vcallglobal, you get access to an abundance of resources. We can help you address requirement of any scale while maintaining the same level of quality.

Vcallglobal is an eminent call center and back office support services provider with great expertise in email support. We strive to do the best work for our clients, and ensure every query receives a timely response. Our email support is operational 24x7x365.

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