Don’t Underestimate Electronic Mail, Outsource Email Support Services ASAP

Electronic mail has been in prevalence since 1971. At that time, when the first mail was sent via ARPANET, no one knew that it will still be relevant after 50 years. And, they will be surprised to learn that it is not just alive and kicking but also facilitating the world of contact center services. It has become the primary mode of communication for many users, and proves immensely useful in situations where you have to convey long messages. Electronic mail or email as it is known popularly, is a fundamentally crucial support channel that needs to be incorporated in every customer support operation. And, in the modern times, you also have the option to outsource email support services, which makes it an amazing support tool.

The Relevance of Email Response Management System in Customer Care

In a customer care process, the volume of emails is quite high. It is simply not possible to use basic webmail or windows mail to manage the deluge of responses sent by the customers. Therefore, an Email Response Management System (ERMS) is required that can simplify the workflow. At the least, an ERMS needs to have the following features:

  • Automatic notification feature: The ERMS should be able to send automated replies to convey to the customers that their queries are received. It should also send an alert to the email support personnel, which informs them that they need to reply.
  • Email routing: Depending on the email type, it needs to be directed to the relevant department. ERMS should be able to route the emails according to preset conditions set by the email admin e.g. the managers or TLs in the email customer care process.
  • Canned responses: With the power of canned responses, you can reduce the burden placed on the shoulders of your email support agents. Canned responses should have room for customization, so that they can be changed according to different situations. E.g. in times of corona virus lockdowns, you need canned responses to tell ecommerce customers that you won’t be able to deliver the product because of the risk posed by the pandemic.

Although ERMS plays a pivotal role in an email support process, you also need dedicated agents with hands-on experience on the relevant tools. When you outsource email support services to a seasoned pro, then you get both these resources instantly.

The Advantages of Email Support Outsourcing

When you outsource email support services, you get the following advantages:

  • Increases your brand value as customers understand that you actually care for their needs
  • Makes complex communications like complaints and RMA requests simpler, as it gives greater room of expression to the customers
  • Allows for attachments in the form of audio, video and image files. Most useful in scenarios where a proof is required.
  • As it is not real-time in nature, it is a more relaxed mode of support that is preferred by mature customers

Access Social Media Support for Increased Advantage

Just like emails, social media platforms can also be covered by outsourcing services. When you outsource social media care, you provide a convenient channel for customers. Also, social media care enables you to direct the online conversations in your favor. For example, if an enraged customer vents out on social media, then your representatives can address their problems quickly and prevent any sort of negative publicity. With social media care, you also get in the good books of the millennials who use this platform often.

At Vcare, we excel in different modes of support including email, chat support and social media care. Outsource social media care or email support to us and immediately raise the value of your brand in the eyes of your customers.

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