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How to Make the Right Selection of Outbound Telemarketing Services Provider?

Outbound calling is a difficult discipline to master. It requires considerable skills and a lot of patience. Most companies do not have the right type of agents to get the job done. Therefore, telemarketing campaigns conducted in-house do not bring in the expected results. All the money spent is wasted, which is not ideal in the highly competitive world of today. On the other hand, an outbound telemarketing services provider that has proven credentials in the domain can bring in immediate results.

The Difference between Outbound and Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

While looking for a call center outsourcing company, you need to put your requirements at the highest pedestal. If you are specifically looking for telemarketing and lead generation services, then you should look for vendor expertise exclusively in that field. Sometimes, companies make the mistake of choosing a reputed vendor without considering its core expertise. An inbound call center outsourcing expert may not be good at outbound services and vice versa. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate between these two services. Have a look at some salient requirements for these processes:

  • Inbound call center outsourcing services require a logical mindset. The agents need to be good at asking questions, so they can figure out customers’ concerns. On the other hand, outbound services agents need to be persuasive. They should be able to convince customers about the product and services.
  • An inbound call center requires call monitoring, ticket integration, inbound IVR and call controls like mute, hold and transfer. In contrast, outbound call centers require outbound IVR, dialers along with CRM integration.

Crucial Requirements for the Success of Outbound Call Center Services

To ensure that your outbound outsourcing venture yields the best result, you need to choose someone who can fulfill the following requirements:

Motivational management

Outbound calling can be a motivation killer. As you are encroaching upon the personal space of people without invitation, you won’t always be treated in a good way. It is possible that the agents will receive a lot of negative responses. It is the job of managers and team leaders to keep the spirits high. Therefore, it is essential that you outsource to a company with experienced managers who know how to keep the morale high.

Database expertise and analytics for discovering leads

Processes like lead generation and telemarketing requires that you convince clients about your brand. But, if the people you are calling are not the right ones, you won’t be able to strike up a conversation, let alone convince them. It is imperative that the outbound telemarketing services provider, which you have hired, has access to advanced analytics. Only when the vendor is able to figure out who to call and who not to call, it will be able to generate the right results for your business.


There can be times when you would want to increase or decrease the scale of your operations. If the vendor does not have access to the desired workforce, then you might not be able to expand your telemarketing campaign. Hence, it is important that you partner with a vendor that has a vast pool of talent to tap into.

Vcallglobal is a proficient outbound telemarketing services provider with several years of experience in the industry. It has a completely scalable workforce that can be increased or decreased exactly as per clients’ requirements.

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