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Discover Hidden Clients for Business with Outbound Telemarketing Services

Finding new clients is the holy grail for success in the business world of today. As the number of companies serving the same niche rises, the pressure of differentiating oneself apart from the rat race is high. One way to do this is by concentrating on your product/service and make it so remarkable that it is clearly stands out as the best one in the market. A comparatively easier way is to market your product better than your competitors. But the best approach is to combine the best of both worlds. For this, you need a stable outbound telemarketing services partner, so you can concentrate on your core product/service.

Combine Inbound and Outbound Outsourcing for Best Results

If you are willing to outsource customer support, then why not outbound telemarketing services as well. Many companies do not leverage the power of outsourcing and stay behind competitors. If you can find the right partner for telemarketing, then you can get the following tasks done in an organized manner:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Existing Customer Cross-Sell
  • Existing Customer Upselling

Doing all these functions in-house can be an extremely challenging task. Even if you manage to do them, you will get further away from your core operations. So, its better to leave these tasks to the experts and discover hidden clients for your business.

  • Appointment setting: Set appointments with clients and get timely alerts so that you never miss a meeting. Professional vendors can help you sort out your appointment list and keep you and your clients updated about any changes from either end.
  • Lead generation: Discover the listing of potential clients through a time-tested lead generation process. Scour databases to discover best leads without expending any of your efforts.
  • Lead qualification: After the generation of leads, they need to be qualified. It means that you have to figure out if the leads are right for your business. For example, the lead generated should be a person who can make a decision on behalf of the company. Also, the business should be relevant and the project should be sizeable enough to be valuable for your company.
  • Existing customer upselling and cross-selling: If you already have clients, then you can call them with your new plans about the same product/service they are receiving from you. This is called upselling. You can also market your other product/services that the client is not using right now, but might be interested in(cross-selling).

Difference in Skills Between a Customer Care and Telemarketing Process

Customer care and telemarketing are two of the most heavily outsourced inbound and outbound call center processes. Whether you outsource customer support or telemarketing, you should do it to a vendor that has the talent for the job. Below are some differences in the two processes:

  • Customer care agents need to be polite and good listeners. As they receive calls from customers, they need to be good at reading opening scripts, paraphrasing and empathizing with the customers. On the other hand, telemarketing agents have to be assertive and convincing. As they are making a business sale, they need to be professional in their demeanor.
  • Agents stats like FCR, AHT and CSAT matter the most in a customer care process. On the other hand, telemarketing is all about the number of leads generated throughout the day. The focus on performance stats and QA scores is a lot higher in customer care departments. In contrast, outbound telemarketing services are all about results.

Vcare is a master in both inbound and outbound call center services. We have different departments with different specialties. Our telemarketing team has a great track record of generating qualified leads for companies across the globe.

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