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Outbound Telemarketing Services: The Key to Unleashing Your Brand

The word telemarketing is made from the combination of two words – telephone and marketing. So, a marketing service that requires the use of a telephone can be categorized as a telemarketing service. Considering the current state of competition between businesses, it has become essential for companies to deploy outbound telemarketing services that can contact potential clients and bring in new business. However, the task of hiring a workforce for this specific purpose can be quite tricky. Firstly, it is difficult to find quality call center agents that can persuade customers and secondly, the task of managing a team of call center agents is no cakewalk.

Focusing too much on telemarketing tasks can take one’s focus away from the core process, which is why; outsourcing for outbound telemarketing services makes good business sense.

Outbound Telemarketing Services for Increasing Brand Visibility

For any brand, it is very important to increase its visibility in the market. Although advertising and indirect marketing campaigns like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) do work their magic, however, the efficacy of such solutions is not always a constant. A much better way to market your product is by contacting potential clients directly. This is where outbound telemarketing services come into the picture. Not only outbound telemarketing services are economical (when outsourced to the right company), they also help you highlight your brand in the market by providing you the following advantages:

  1. Direct contact influences decision making – When telemarketing is done after proper lead qualification, it becomes easy to influence the decision of a potential client. When a company employs outbound calling agents that have the gift of gab and know exactly how to convey the information that a business owner desires the most, it becomes a whole lot easier to generate a lead.
  2. Telemarketing campaigns can be scaled without spending too much– If you outsource your telemarketing work to a company that is based in a country with an inferior currency, you are able to employ outbound telemarketing services at a much cheaper rate. The cost savings allow you to ramp up your operations at any time you want.

So, when you are struggling to find clients, you can simply ask the vendor company to increase its workforce designated for telemarketing tasks. Scaling a telemarketing operation is much cheaper than a marketing campaign.

The clear advantages of telemarketing services over other modes of promotions make it an innovative and effective tool to reach out to potential buyers. However, it should be complemented with inbound call center outsourcing services to extract maximum advantage. Some inbound services that can complement telemarketing are listed below:

  1. Call answering services – When you use outbound telemarketing services and reach out to potential clients, you can expect a rain of calls that need to be answered. Employing a quality call answering service can ensure that all calls from potential clients are attended, so you can make the most of your telemarketing endeavor.
  2. Order taking services – There are many specialists out there that have expertise in taking orders from the clients. Once you have lured clients to work with you, you would require order taking services for efficient order taking and processing.
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