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Lighten the Burden on Your Sales Team by Using Outbound Telemarketing Services

Sales and marketing are two of the most important functions of modern-day businesses. A company depends on its sales team for increasing its profits. In the past, a sales team was mainly responsible for closing the deals. However, nowadays, due to an ever-growing list of business requirements, we are seeing them inundated with a number of responsibilities. They are now burdened with a plethora of responsibilities ranging from lead qualification to market research. Focusing on these additional tasks can affect their overall results and may lead to a downfall in the number of sales made. A better option, in this case, is to outsource outbound telemarketing services.

What Outbound Telemarketing Services can Offer?

When you outsource outbound telemarketing services, not only you get to share the burden with a partner, you are also able to get the work done more easily. As there are specialists handling each and every task, the results almost always get better when you outsource. Below are some sales-related tasks that an accomplished provider can help you with:


Market research is critical for finding the right leads. It is the first step in creation of a database that comprises all leads. A vendor, with experience of many telemarketing projects, will already have different research strategies to discover potential leads for your business. It will also be able to find and cleanse wrongful entries, a lot better than an inexperienced in-house team ever would.

Qualification of leads

First and foremost, you should be able to separate good leads from the bad leads. Regardless of where you got your data from, if you do not filter out the leads that are not pertinent, you are likely to waste a lot of effort when you start making calls. An experienced provider of telemarketing services has the software and human resources to qualify leads based on your preset criteria.

Setting up appointments

Once you have generated relevant leads, you need someone to set up appointments for you. A good telemarketing company can help you with this requirement as well. Always look for a vendor that is completely scalable and ready to assign suitable number of resources to address all your requirements.

Additional Advantages of Telemarketing Outsourcing

Apart from a scalable workforce, you also get many other advantages when you partner with a competent telemarketing services provider. Below is a list of some of the benefits:

  1. Cost benefits – If you outsource right to a vendor in a developing country like India, you are likely to make great profits due to the currency exchange rate. You can easily cut down the cost of operation by up to half and sometimes even more. The money saved from the outsourcing endeavor can be utilized on other outsourcing ventures like customer service outsourcing to enhance the experience of your customers.
  2. Access to infrastructure – When you outsource your telemarketing tasks, you get access to infrastructure. There is no need for you to waste your efforts on procuring software, VoIP phones, routers etc. Everything is taken care of by the outsourcing vendor, which allows you to focus more on your core operations.
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