Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Rise Up to the Challenge with Multi-Dimensional Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Inbound call center outsourcing is an amazing option for businesses. It helps them reduce cost and at the same time improve the quality of their image in front of the customers. However, yesteryears call center solutions do not cut it anymore. Today’s call center services are more competent, refined and sophisticated. They can be employed for performing a range of activities including telemarketing services, Live Chat and even back office services like data entry.

The Need to Complement Calling with Chat and Email

In the present times, you cannot expect to keep your customers happy with basic voice-based customer service. You need to provide them other quicker and convenient options in the form of Live Chat and email support services. Integrating social media in day-to-day support is also a good option to keep users engaged and interested in your services. If you choose to outsource live chat support services or any other call center service individually, you won’t get the desired returns. The reasons being:

Lack of knowledge about other modes of contact

If the customer uses email for first contact and then Live Chat for the second contact. And, if you have two different independent departments handling their queries, they won’t be able to resolve the customers’ issues. Same information will be communicated several times, which will ultimately frustrate the customers.

No common strategy and approach

You cannot operate effectively with common policies across departments, if they are handled differently. A strategy may fail completely and cause your customers to doubt your ability to help them. However, with the same vendor managing different departments, it becomes possible to implement a common strategy, perform work consistently and win customers’ trust.

When you hire a prolific vendor like VcallGlobal, it becomes easier to run a customer care operation with great conviction. Some other services that can be availed by partnering with a multi-faceted vendor are:

Business promotion outbound services

A competent vendor like VcallGlobal can also double up as a telemarketing services provider. It can help you find new business with direct busines promotions via outbound calling.

Back office services

A range of back office services can be accessed that can make the overall task of busines management significantly simple. Services like data entry, data mining and catalogue management can waste a lot of in-house resources. Therefore, it is a better idea to use back office outsourcing in USA as part of your BPO strategy.

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