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Why Choose Call Center Outsourcing Vendors That Don’t Hide behind Company Policy?

Evolving businesses require call centers to maintain goodwill amongst customers. No matter how good a product or service is, if it is not backed by great customer support, it will fail more often than not. This is because modern-day customers are more informed about the choices in front of them. And, they have more choices today than ever before.

In the past, it was seen that call centers used to hide behind company policies. When lost for answers, agents used to avert customers on the pretext of policies. While this approach was a huge turn off for customers, it did not hinder a company’s prospects as customers had nowhere else to go. However, nowadays, things have changed drastically. Company policies are discussed on forums and social media, and any mistake by call center agents are highlighted in the worst possible way. Therefore, there is an urgent need to screen call center outsourcing vendors on the basis of merit.

The Problem of Misleading Call Center Metrics

Call center metrics like CSAT, AHT, and FCR: while they work well in closely monitored call center operations, they can be quite misleading when you are not giving your call center operation the desired attention.  Stats can be fudged to look good and company policies can be used as a curtain to hide agent’s ineptness and sheer disregard for customers’ grievance. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn the reality of call center operations before partnering with call center outsourcing vendors.

Sure Tell Signs of Quality Call Center Outsourcing Vendors

Although there are many call center outsourcing vendors in the industry, the best ones are few and far between. To make your search for a competent vendor simple, you can look for these sure tell signs before making a decision:

  1. Search organic reviews and testimonials: Organic reviews and testimonials can be good indicators of the way a company operates. By reading what others have to say about the way a call center vendor performs its operations, you are able to learn about its approach towards handling customers. If the company does not play by the rules or hide behind policies, you will see a lot of aggrieved customer venting out their anger.  
  2. Quality of managers: Before associating with a new outsourcing vendor, it is best to learn about the managers who will be in charge of the agents. Scan through social media platforms and check their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their management capabilities. It won’t be a bad idea to chat with them over phone, or better, meet them in person to discover their philosophy towards management. Only once you are satisfied about the credentials of managers in charge of the call center, you should hand over your business to them.

There can be other signs as well that can indicate the quality of top call center outsourcing vendors, however, the two mentioned above are definitely the most important. It is always best to go for seasoned veterans with a good reputation in the market; but if you are ready to work with someone new, you should be extra cautious.

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