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Which Is Better: Chat Support or Email Support?

Just like technology, customer service is evolving at a fast pace. Companies are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to delighting their customers and hence, are devising new ways to address customer issues. Chat support and email support have emerged as two important modes of delivering support services to customers across the globe. Apart from the standard voice support, which has been part of customer service operations since its genesis, these two relatively newer support systems are appreciated for the clear advantages they offer. Although both these support systems have their own pros and cons, organizations are still contemplating if one is better than the other.

Chat and email support are specialized services that require a set system (CRM, Software etc.), manpower and workflow to carry out operations appropriately. It is difficult to offer such complex services without putting in considerable time and effort.  Hence, many organizations are looking to outsource chat support and have started utilizing email support outsourcing services, so they can focus more on the core aspects of their business.

Chat Support: A Sure Way to Satisfy Customers

Did you know chat support has the highest success rate amongst the different mediums used for offering customer support? Almost 92% of customers feel satisfied after their interaction with a chat support representative. Wondering about the reason for its success? An example will make it clear for you.

Suppose a customer with good technical know-how calls up customer support to get a technical issue fixed. The customer is in a hurry and does not want to waste much time on the call. This customer will find it hard to bear the long opening script, in which, the representative introduces himself and then goes about asking the nature of his issue. To save time, the customer would explain his issue as quickly as he could. In this case, there is a high likelihood that customer care agent may need some time to assimilate all the information. For better understanding, he may ask extra questions, which may seem totally redundant to the knowledgeable customer. This can make the customer angry and a simple issue may become tough to resolve. If in this situation, the knowledgeable customer had the option to choose chat support, the issue could have been resolved easily. On chat support, the initial pleasantries (which angered the customer) would have taken only a few moments and the resolution could have been imparted in a few simple exchanges of text messages.

Email Support: A Necessary Requirement for Customer Service

Email support has an 85% success rate, in terms of customer satisfaction. Though it is still seen as a relatively tedious mean of communication, the comprehensiveness with which it can be used for addressing customer issues and imparting information is second to none. It is not a replacement for voice support or other modes of customer services, but a complimentary service that can enhance the customer’s overall experience during interactions. It is especially good for conveying information that involves company policies, legalities, and official directives.

Suppose you want to communicate the RMA (replacement of product) process to the customer over the phone. In a one-on-one interaction with the customer, you will be using a lot of sentences that will include words like ‘policies’, quotes about legal articles and all sorts of technical jargons. Not only this will bore the customer, but it can also make him irate too. It’s better to communicate such information via email to get the best out of your discourse.

Why Outsourcing Email and Chat Support Makes Sense?

As email support and chat support do not require exceptional English-speaking skills, it is a good decision to outsource them to an offshore company for receiving financial rewards. It is best to utilize outsourcing services from a country like India, which is home to a large number of people with good linguistic skills. As accent is not a barrier in providing chat or email support, your customers will not be put off during verbal interactions.

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