Combine Phone Telemarketing with Email Response Management for Max Leads

Phone telemarketing is one of the oldest techniques for generating new business. It allows you to make instant connections with new prospective clients and generate new leads. Telemarketing has withstood the test of time because of its direct approach and the measurable results it provides. Compared with web promotions, digital marketing and advertising; telemarketing is cheaper and more rewarding. But in today’s time, you need to complement phone-based telemarketing with text-based platforms such as chat and email support. By using the services of specialized outbound telemarketing services, it becomes simpler to create a successful strategy for marketing success.

Why You Need a Back Up Support Channel for Telemarketing?

In the earlier times, phone-based support systems were good enough by themselves. But over the years, the power has moved into the hands of millennials who prefer text-based communication systems. They want to respond to sales contacts at their own time of choosing. Nowadays, young entrepreneurs only take decisions after they are absolutely sure about a business prospect. So, if you are going to try and force their hands by being overtly persuasive, you are more likely to lose them than make a sale.

With a proper email response management system, you can easily manage all the contacts you have made via phone or by emails. The best telemarketing companies in USA have mastered the process of blended telemarketing. With in-house CRM development capabilities, they can offer you a proven telemarketing platform that is designed specifically for your business.

Choose Vcall Global for Improving Lead Generation and Brand Promotion

Vcall Global is a seasoned pro in inbound customer support outsourcing services and outbound telemarketing services. Vcall Global relies on its years of experience and cutting-edge technologies to bring you the best solutions for business promotion. Some advantages of using Vcall Global’s services are:

Complete assurance about data security

Due to its excellence in data security solutions, Vcall Global implements the strongest encryption on the data you send it. Vcall uses top-class cloud-platforms for data storage. It also follows Data Protection Act (DPA) and ensures data integrity is never compromised. Before providing data to someone, the caller is authenticated thoroughly by the call center rep.

Unmatched experience in the domain

Experience has no substitute when it comes to telemarketing services. Vcall Global has many veterans on its telemarketing rosters who have already brought in new projects for many past clients. Vcall Global offers completely scalable services that can be ramped up to increase lead generation as per the requirements of clients.

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