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Why You Simply Cannot Afford to Ignore Email Support Services?

Email support has remained synonymous with customer service operations for a very long time. However, nowadays we are seeing a rise in the stock of newer services like chat and social media support. These flashy contemporary services have been widely acclaimed by customers, especially by millenials who are well-versed in the new-age online communication channels. However, there are still many people/customers out there who swear by email support services, which is why; ignoring the importance of email support in your business can be a big mistake.

Why Email Support Is Here to Stay?

Right now, at the time of writing this article, we have a total of 5,594 million accounts in the world. The number of these accounts is growing fast with each passing second and it is only going to get bigger in the near future. Therefore, a business owner should put special emphasis on integrating email support services as part of their business operation. Not only email support fulfills the requirements of a particular group of users, it is also beneficial in other aspects. Some of its other important benefits for businesses are:

  1. Perfect platform for communicating complex issues – There are certain issues faced by customers that require elaborate descriptions. Such issues may also require documents that need to be sent across to the customer service team. For these cases, email support services serve as the perfect platform as it allows a customer to write his issue in detail and also send across documents (e.g. receipts, invoices etc.) as attachments. This is the reason why; email support services are the chosen medium for conducting RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process.
  2. Comfortable medium for both customers and agents – Although email exchanges generally take a longer time when compared with other modes of communication, the overall process is a lot more comfortable for both parties. Customers have the luxury of time while expressing their thoughts and agents have time on their hands to understand customers’ query in detail. This comfort is unavailable in any other mode, which makes emails the preferred choice of communication for many (laid-back) users.
  3. Cost advantage – Email support agents can be recruited at relatively lower costs. This allows a company to save some cash, which can be used for enhancing the core product or services.

How to Find the Right Call Center Outsourcing Company for Your Email Support Service?

Although email support services have great advantages for businesses, they need to be imparted correctly for ensuring customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a call center outsourcing company for this task, then you should be mindful of the following facts:

  1. The call center outsourcing company should have an email response management software solution for accurate and efficient communication of services. It has been seen that without a good software solution, email support agents do not get timely notifications about pending responses. This can lead to missed responses, which can have a negative impact on your overall business performance.
  2. The vendor should understand the colloquial references used by your customers, so it can frame correct responses. In some cases, the use of certain words may not go down too well with the customers and make them angry. For example, a word like ‘scheme’ for a particular offer may seem alright for a non-native speaker, however, the same word may anger a UK-based customer who may think that the email support agent is proposing some kind of a fraud/scam.
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