Convert Every Query into Sale with Outsourcing Chat Support Services

These days, people spend a lot of time on their smartphones. And, a lot of them like to order online from the comfort of their home. There is very little time between when they think about buying a product and when they actually purchase it, all thanks to the lightning fast ecommerce platforms. This is the main reason why popular players in the market like Amazon and Alibaba are raking in the moolah. Ever wondered what is the mantra behind their success?  Excellent customer support. They leave no stones unturned when it comes to keeping their customers satisfied. And, they use outsourcing chat support services to complement their existing voice support.

The Value of Chat Support Services

Outsourcing chat support services can provide you expertise in different disciplines. Below are some attributes of high-quality chat support services.

Quick customer care with chat support

Chat support provides the fastest way to access customer care service to a customer. Especially the millennials prefer chat support way more than voice-based support. It’s because young people are relatively more tech savvy than older people and have more experience of text messaging because of their exposure to Whatsapp, Google Talk etc. So, if you are looking to expedite help to this patience-less young customer segment, then you need to partner with call center outsourcing vendors who can offer high-class chat-based customer care services.

Round-the-clock chat support

For most companies it would be impossible to run 24×7 chat support operations. But without that, you can’t expect to impress upon your customer base that is spoiled by similar options offered by big ecommerce players in the market. However, outsourcing chat support services let you access round-the-clock support without breaking your company’s office routine.

Live Chat option integrated on webpage

Simply running chat support is not enough for gaining customer interest. You also need to make it attractive and easily accessible to the customers. Top-notch call center outsourcing vendors like Vcallglobal Call Center have their own software programmers and web designers who can design the right interface for your customer to reach you. For example, a Live Chat option at the bottom-right hand side of the webpage with a bot.

Screen sharing options within the chat interface

At times, customers might face issues navigating through your website or have some browser-related issues preventing them from viewing/selecting/buying a product. Such issues can cause them to move over to your competitor’s website. But if your Live Chat has the option to convert the chat session into a screen sharing session, then it will be possible for you to fix their issue. Not only such a functionality will make customer experience more convenient, it will also make a positive impression on the customer.

Better tracking of orders

When Live Chat is integrated with your order processing platform, it becomes a potent weapon for your business. This allows you to convert every query into order. It also helps you address customer enquiries quicker and improve their overall experience of purchasing products from your website.

Other Advantages of Outsourcing

In the past, companies only used to outsource voice-based customer services. However, now it is possible to outsource email and chat support services as well. Some advantages of outsourcing are:

  1. No expense on infrastructure
  2. Access to software and relevant hands-on experience
  3. Tried and tested chat support services
  4. Reduction in capital expense
  5. More focus on core process
  6. Scalability to meet your evolving chat support requirements

Vcare is the prime destination for outsourcing chat support services because it has multiple years of experience in this domain. We offer bespoke chat support services to meet exact requirements of our clients.

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