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Why You Need a Call Center Partner and Not a Vendor to Guarantee Success?

Running an in-house call center can be complex. Given the wide range of tasks a business owner has to perform, the additional burden of managing a call center can be simply too much to handle. This is the main reason why outsourcing has become so popular amongst entrepreneurs. However, most companies do not realize the criticality of a call center, which is why; they often choose vendors based on basic criteria like cost. Such injudicious associations, more often than not, fall flat on their face. And, such companies are left with the task of chasing new vendors and hence, never really settle down in a mutually profitable partnership.

Searching for a Call Center Outsourcing Company: Where to Start?

As most business owners are way too busy managing their core processes, they hardly get enough time to think about anything else. And those who get time, they don’t know where to start their search. Below are some pointers that can help those who want absolute success of their customer-facing call center outsourcing operations:

  1. Analyze your requirements: Before starting your search, you need to be well-aware of your very own requirements. Not all call center operations are equal e.g. customer care requires politeness, telemarketing requires persuasiveness and technical support requires a logical mindset. So, depending on the task you are looking to outsource, you should choose a call center outsourcing company that can fulfill these requirements.
  2. Visit the office of your new partner: Treating a company that you will be outsourcing your work to only as a vendor is a huge mistake that entrepreneurs often make. If you are looking for long-term profits and peace of mind, you should think of them as your partner. Visiting their office is the first step towards showing them that you are in for the long haul. Not only it provides you a look into their operations, it also conveys that you are serious about the association.
  3. Analyze the training program of your partner: While you are visiting the premises of the call center outsourcing company, view some of their training sessions. If you are looking for English speaking agents for carrying out your work, it is imperative that the voice and accent training sessions are comprehensive. Also, analyze the infrastructure used in the training room. Quality of projectors, lighting, benches and training material can tell you a lot about your future partner.
  4. Check if the partner can scale with you: Even the best call center outsourcing company, if it does not have the capability to expand its resources according to your requirements can be a major liability. Associating with such a company will send you looking for new vendors every time you decide to increase the scale of your operation. It is best to forego this potential hassle by choosing a vendor that has the necessary capability to scale with you.
  5. Partner with someone that has a good reputation: Associating with an outsourcing company that has built its good reputation over many years has three important benefits.
  6. You benefit from the experience of the call center company in your day-to-day work and receive vital inputs to make your operations better.
  7. Customer information is not compromised by agents as they are well-trained and always monitored by their managers.
  8. A reputed company – having spent several years in building its prestige – understands that its reputation can be tarnished if it does not safeguard client-critical information. Therefore, they take necessary measures to prevent your information from getting hacked or accessed by illegitimate sources.


If your business holds great importance to you, then leaving your customer-facing call center operations in the hands of any random vendor is a big mistake. It is best to take some time off your busy schedule and follow the 5 tips mentioned above before entering into a contract. Only when you treat your vendor, not as a vendor but a partner, you can expect consistent results over a long period of time.

While you are busy outsourcing your non-core tasks, it will be good to know that there are call center outsourcing companies like Vcallglobal that offer quality call center solutions along with reliable back office support services to make your work simpler. Partnering with such a comprehensive vendor of services allows you to have a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for all your outsourcing needs, certainly a luxury in these testing times.

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